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Solutions For
Individual Pilots
Your FAA-compliant online pilot logbook. Flights, endorsements, medicals, currency, schedules, airline import, IACRA totals, aircraft maintenance, and more. Accepted by all major airlines.
Law Enforcement and
Public Safety
Track pilot and mission hours, statistics, outcomes, pilot currency and training, specialized equipment use, aircraft maintenance, and more. Powerful reporting and analysis.
Corporate Aviation
FAR 91 and FAR 135
Track flight logs, pilot currency and training, pilot/aircraft schedules, duty limits, rest requirements, aircraft maintenance, documents, and more. Powerful reporting and analysis.
About ZuluLog
Industrial-Grade Security
We store your records on dedicated servers in secure data centers with redundant power and internet. Our data centers comply with standard Cybersecurity Risk Management Reporting Framework protocols.
Automatic, Distributed Backups
Your records are backed up automatically to secure, dedicated servers across the United States. Backups are encrypted both in transit and at rest, and are protected by multiple levels of firewalls.
Your Privacy Is Our Priority
Your records belong to you. We do not share your information with any government agency or other third party without your permission. We do not display ads and we do not use marketing cookies.
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