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The World's #1 Online Pilot Logbook
For Individuals, Companies, and Public Service
FAA-compliant flight logs, EFB, currency, scheduling, maintenance, risk assessment, and more.
Your complete aviation solutionSM
Flight logs—manual or automatic. ADS-B traffic, weather, and NOTAMs. VFR and IFR charts. Georeferenced approaches and airport diagrams. Plus currency, scheduling, airline and insurance totals, analysis tools, weight/balance, FRAT, and more.
Individual Pilot Logbook
Student Pilot to ATP
Your logbook is your career! Don't trust it to anything less than ZuluLog. Includes reports, import, mobile charts and plates, weight and balance, and much more. Our basic service is free for individual pilots.
Law Enforcement and
Public Service
Track mission hours and statistics, pilot currency and training, UAS ops, NVG and other equipment usage, aircraft maintenance, flight risk, documents, and more. Powerful reporting and analysis.
Corporate Aviation and
Air Charter
Track flight hours, pilot currency and training, pilot and aircraft schedules, duty limits and rest requirements, aircraft maintenance, documents, risk, and more. Powerful reporting and analysis.
Industry-leading security
Unlike others, we use no shared or public cloud infrastructure. Our data centers are privately owned, hardened, and professionally audited every 12 months.
Fits your budget
Platinum plans start around $5/month and include advanced features and phone support. Our basic logbook service will always be free for individual pilots.
Independently owned
ZuluLog is independently owned and operated by pilots like you, not by a giant corporation. So our only loyalty is to you, the customer.
Developed in the United States
Our software is written, deployed, and supported in the U.S. We meet or exceed industry security standards and FAA standards for electronic information systems.
Universal compatibility
Our award-winning Web app works on any desktop or mobile browser. We also have mobile apps compatible with all your devices—iPad, iPhone, and Android.
Phone and email support from pilots
Only ZuluLog offers phone support at no extra cost. Have a question? Get an answer from an FAA-certificated pilot right away.
Automatic nightly backups
Your records are backed up to multiple, secure sites across the United States, so you can rest assured that you're covered even in the event of a widespread natural disaster.
Guaranteed privacy
We do not display ads on our website or mobile apps. We will never track you with cookies or share your information with any third party, ever. It's that simple.
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