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Flight Entry - How Do I...?
  • Enter Dual Received / As Instructor Time: Use the Role drop-down and select Student or Instructor.
  • Enter MEL, Complex, Rotorcraft, etc: This is done automatically by the Aircraft ID field. Use the Aircraft Definition screen to modify.
  • Enter Simulator Time: Also done by Aircraft ID. Use the Aircraft Definition screen to designate an aircraft ID as a simulator.
  • Enter "Dual Received PIC" Time: Select Student from the crew role drop-down, and fill in the flight time and PIC time boxes as applicable.
  • Enter "Partial Cross-Country" Time: FAR 61.1 implies that a flight is either cross-country or not, so you should not have to do this. If you need to, split the flight into two entries or create a Custom Flight Field.
  • Enter previous totals: Use the Previous Totals screen.
  • Enter water landings, glider tows, patients transported, etc: Create a Custom Flight Field to do this.
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