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ZuluLog is the industry's leading cloud-based online pilot logbook service. Join tens of thousands of pilots around the world and create your account now.
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Secure Web Pilot Logbook Security and Reliability
Pilot Currency Calculations Student/Instructor Linking
Schedules and Duty including FAR 117   Free iPad, iPhone, and Android apps
Advanced charting and analysis tools Customizable to meet your needs
We provide secure, cloud-based aviation record keeping services for companies and government agencies.
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Defense contractors Forestry and wildfire
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Air charter and Part 135 Corporate and Part 91
Aircraft maintenance Aircraft management
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Pilot/Aircraft Scheduling
Single pilot or a hundred, airplane or helicopter, our pilot/aircraft scheduling module is flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • Track upcoming scheduled flights, duty periods, deadhead legs, and more.
  • Airline pilots can copy/paste CrewTrac or FLiCA schedules directly into ZuluLog. All time zone conversions are done automatically.
  • Company administrators can assign multiple pilots, sensor operators, flight test engineers, and other crew to each aircraft schedule.
  • Flexible time zone modes allow you and each member of your team to work in home base time, Zulu time, or local time at departure and arrival points—whichever you prefer. You can even change your mode anytime you like.
  • Intuitive calendar views of upcoming scheduled activity by day, week, month, and pilot. Color-code your schedule entries for even greater clarity.
  • Our configurable conflict detection system helps prevent double-booking of pilots and aircraft.
  • Handy email reminders alert your crew when you create schedules for them.
  • Schedule entries feed directly into our duty/flight time limit module. Run reports for you and your team's compliance with rest requirements for all FAA regulations—FAR 117, 121, and 135. All Transport Canada regulations are supported as well.
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