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Individual Pilots Companies and Agencies
ZuluLog is the industry's leading cloud-based online pilot logbook service. Join tens of thousands of pilots around the world and create your account now.
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Secure Web Pilot Logbook Security and Reliability
Pilot Currency Calculations Student/Instructor Linking
Schedules and Duty including FAR 117   Free iPad, iPhone, and Android apps
Advanced charting and analysis tools Customizable to meet your needs
We provide secure, cloud-based aviation record keeping services for companies and government agencies.
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Defense contractors Forestry and wildfire
Law enforcement Energy services
Air charter and Part 135 Corporate and Part 91
Aircraft maintenance Aircraft management
Aerial photography Medevac
Conservation and environmental   Laboratory companies
Connect With Your Students and Instructors
ZuluLog allows CFIs to enter flights directly into student accounts, with automatic digital signatures.
If you're a student pilot, you can choose to grant account permissions to your instructors. Once you do this, your CFIs will be able to view your logbook and enter training flights directly into your account. You'll receive an email alert when this happens.
Also, your permissioned instructors will be able to view your pilot currency, and enter endorsements and ground training directly into your account.
If you're a CFI, you can keep track of all your student flights, endorsements, and ground training, whether or not your students use ZuluLog.
ZuluLog also supports automatic, FAA-compliant digital signatures for all activity conducted by CFIs in student logbooks.
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