Calculation of total aircraft times

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Now that we have entered the first operational record, let's enter the latest:

Add the "latest" Operation record for N001

Viewing the latest times on the aircraft

To recap, the system now has everything it needs to calculate the latest aircraft times:

To calculate aircraft and component total times, the system uses this formula:

 Total_time = Starting_total + time_since_starting_total

or, in other words:

 Total_time = Starting_total + (latest_reading - reading_at_starting_point)

In our example:

The "reading at starting point" is taken from the first flight or maintenance record on or after the starting date. In our example, the starting date is Jan 1, 2014, so the system will look for the first record on or after that date, and it will find the record we entered for Jan 4, 2014.

So, the total current airframe time in our example should be:

1290.1 + (571.0 - 484.3)  =  1376.8

To view this:

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