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The Basics

You can enter dates by clicking on the calendar icon next to the corresponding date field, or by hand-entering the date. With practice, you will generally find it much faster to enter dates by hand. You can enter dates in virtually any format you find convenient. Some valid examples are:

If you omit the year, the current year will be used.

Dates and times are interpreted as UTC. So, for example, if you enter "x" after 8pm on the U.S. East Coast, it will be translated as tomorrow's date. (Note: Certain screens, such as the schedule entry screen, use user-configurable time zones rather than always using UTC.)

If you enter a date with no specific time, 0000Z will be used as the time.

Do not add a 'Z' to the end of any specified times (except when entering METAR format). Dates and times are already assumed to be in Zulu time.

Note that by default, a date entered as "1/4/05" will be interpreted as either "Jan 4, 2005" or "1 April, 2005" depending on the home country you selected when you created your account. You can change this from My Profile -> General Preferences -> Dates.

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