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If it's not practical for you to enter all of your historical flights individually into the system—for example, if you have years of logs that exist only on paper—one option you have is to instead enter the totals of your previous flight times in various "categories."

Once you've entered your previous times, you can separately enter individual flights going forward, and the system will add your previous times to the times from your individual flights, to give you the "big picture" of your total flight times.

For more help on this topic, go to Entering and Viewing Previous Flight Time Totals in the Tutorials section.

Entering Your Previous Times

  1. From the Pilot Logbook menu, select "Enter Previous Flight Times". You'll see a grid with 40 rows. Each row allows you to enter one category of your previous time using up to three drop-down selections.
  2. In the associated screenshot (Figure 1), Row 1 of the grid indicates 76.2 hours of previous IFR time.
  3. Row 2 indicates 102.1 hours of VFR flight time in aircraft N51590.
  4. Row 3 indicates 892.0 of PIC time in aircraft type C172.
  5. Row 4 indicates 21.3 hours of day actual instrument time, and Row 5 indicates 3.6 hours of night actual instrument time.
  6. Once you've entered all of your previous time totals, click "Save" at the bottom of the screen to save them.

Figure 1.

Viewing Previous + Current Times

You can select "View Total Flight Times" from "Previous Flight Times" on the Pilot Logbook menu to see the sum of all of your previous times and the times from your individual flight entries.

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