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ZuluLog can calculate day vs. night flight time for you, based on:

General information: Logging night flight time

Night flight time is calculated based on FAA regulations. Specifically, any flight time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight is considered night flight time.

Civil twilight is not the same as sunrise and sunset. Civil twilight is defined to begin in the morning, and to end in the evening, when the center of the Sun is geometrically 6 degrees below the horizon.

ZuluLog's internal calculations for night flight time are compatible with the official NOAA algorithm for calculating the beginning and end of civil twilight.

Note that unlike many "night time calculation" programs, ZuluLog supports multiple day/night cycles on a single flight. For example, you might take off from Sydney around sunset, fly eastward through the night, and arrive in San Francisco in the morning--this comprises one complete "night" cycle and portions of two "day" cycles.

ZuluLog also supports cases where civil twilight never ends in the summer, or never begins in the winter, if you're operating at very high or low latitudes.

And finally, ZuluLog also supports cases where your flight crosses the International Date Line.

Performing the calculations

That's all there is to it!

Details on field entry

To configure which of these you'd like to use, go to Schedules -> Schedule Preferences.

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