Entering initial hobbs/tach readings

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In the previous example, we set up aircraft N001 with a total starting airframe time of 1290.1 as of Jan 1, 2014.

In the real world, because Hobbs meters can be switched in and out, the aircraft's current Hobbs reading is often not the same as the total time on the airframe. In this example, we will tell the system what the Hobbs reading is, as compared to the total airframe time, so that the system can accurately keep track of total airframe time.

In this example we're working with Hobbs time, but the same concepts apply for entering engine tach/cycles, aircraft landing cycles, RINs, and so on.

Add the "first" Operation record for N001

We have just told the system the aircraft's tach and Hobbs readings as of Jan 4, 2014. You can add maintenance records of type Operation whenever you need to do this. Additionally, as your pilots enter flight records, the system will look at the ending tach and Hobbs times from each flight record to keep track of the latest readings.

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