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We have thousands of customers around the world, and a secure, robust server cloud to match.

Redundant power sources

Our servers operate on a military power grid. In the event of power disruption, we're backed up by multiple levels of UPS systems, and, if all else fails, a diesel generator that can provide power to our servers for up to seven days.

Redundant Internet connectivity

We have direct connections to eight major Internet backbones. Since 2006, we've experienced over 99.9% connectivity uptime. So you'll be able to access our servers virtually anytime, anywhere.

Physical and network security

We employ an around-the-clock security team equipped with closed-circuit TV monitors. We also have firewalls monitored by an around-the-clock network security team, to protect against intrusion.

Optimally conditioned server environment

Advanced conditioning equipment keeps our server cloud at optimal temperature and humidity settings. Also, our servers are protected by fire detection and suppression systems and water detection systems.

Offsite data backups

To provide you rock-solid confidence against data loss, we regularly back up your valuable operational data to our secondary server cloud on the opposite coast.

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