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You can automatically import flight records from your local hard drive into ZuluLog. To save time, please read the entire page before you start.

Let us do it for you

We recommend the "Let us do it for you" choice from the Flight Import screen. Importing flights involves knowledge of specific field names and data layouts, and we're happy to import flights for our Platinum customers at no extra charge.

Do it yourself

You can also change your CSV file to match ZuluLog's format. We're here to help if you need advice.

1.) Load your flight records into an XML file (Figure 1). This XML file may have been generated by your old electronic logbook software. At this point, the exact order and format of your fields do not matter. We are about to modify the file to be compatible with ZuluLog.

Figure 1.

2.) Using your XML editor (or a text editor), modify the file so that each record is called "record" (Figure 2) and the records are contained in a tag called "null".

Figure 2.

3.) Rename your fields to the names that ZuluLog expects to see (Figure 3). This is how ZuluLog knows which information is contained in each field. Note that spelling and capitalization must match exactly. If any extra fields are left over, you may either delete them entirely, or rename them to values starting with "ignore."

Figure 3.

4.) Reformat your flight data as necessary so that ZuluLog can interpret your data correctly.

5.) Save your file with a .xml extension.

6.) You're ready to import! Select the appropriate import from the Console.

View the list of supported column/field names
Important hints for importing flights

General Hints

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