Land vs. sea currency in amphibious aircraft

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When you fly amphibious aircraft, you establish passenger-carrying currency in land or sea classes (SEL, SES, MEL, MES), depending on whether your takeoffs and landings were land-based or sea-based. ZuluLog can help you track currency by class for amphibious aircraft.


Setup: Define your aircraft correctly

On the Aircraft Definition page for your aircraft (accessible from Aircraft -> View/Define Aircraft), make sure you've selected "Amphibian" from the "Land/Sea/Amphibian" drop-down field.

Setup: Create custom flight fields

Create custom flight fields to track your water takeoffs and water landings, for both day and night. From Pilot Logbook -> Custom Flight Fields, create the following fields, making sure to select "Integer" for the Field Type column:

Note: These fields are relevant for amphibious aircraft only—not for seaplanes. For seaplanes, all takeoffs and landings are already assumed to be on water, so no custom fields are needed for currency calculations. However, there is no harm in using these fields for seaplanes as well if you so wish.

Entering takeoffs and landings in amphibious aircraft

For example, if you have a flight with 3 land takeoffs and 2 water takeoffs, you'll enter 5 as your total number of takeoffs, and you'll enter 2 in the Day Water Takeoffs custom field.

Viewing currency

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