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If you fly many different aircraft, you can quickly search for an Aircraft ID among all of your aircraft definitions.

Search your aircraft by type

In the Aircraft ID field, enter a type code followed by two slashes, e.g. C172//. The system will show you a pop-up menu with all of your aircraft IDs matching the entered type.

Search your aircraft by characteristics

You can search your aircraft by characteristics the same way, by entering e.g. TURBINE// in the Aircraft ID field to display all of your turbine aircraft definitions. The full list of search terms is below:

Search your aircraft by region

This is for advanced users. If you've created line definitions from the Line Routes screen, you can assign each line to a region. Then, from the Flight Entry screen, you can display all aircraft based in a certain region. Here's how it works:

  1. Create your line definitions from Pilot Logbook -> Line Routes
  2. Enter a region code for each line definition, e.g. "CENTRAL"
  3. Then, from the Flight Entry screen, enter a region code followed by two dots (e.g. CENTRAL..) in the Aircraft ID field, to display all aircraft in the "CENTRAL" region
  4. To determine which aircraft belong to a region, the system will look at the Home Base field for all your aircraft. If the home base of any aircraft matches an airport in any leg of a line definition, the aircraft will be considered to be part of that region.
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