Tracking Flight Time Limits and Rest Requirements: FAR 121, FAR 135, and Transport Canada

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You can use ZuluLog to track your compliance with flight time limits and rest requirements. ZuluLog supports all requirements imposed by FAR 117, FAR 121, FAR 135, Transport Canada, and Australia.

In this section, we will discuss how to track the more straightforward limits, i.e. all except FAR 117. If you need to track FAR 117 limits, read this section first, then move on to the next section.

Operational Schedules

Duty time limits, flight time limits, and rest requirements are tracked via operational schedule records, entered from Currency/Schedules -> Operational Schedules.

Operational schedules can be of several different types, but the important types for calculating flight and duty limits are:

(For FAR 117 tracking, you will also use Deadhead, Rest Within Duty, and Short Call Reserve schedules. These will be discussed in the next section.)


Before entering schedules or tracking your compliance:

(Note that regardless of which time zone mode you select, you can change your preference at any time, and any existing schedule records will respect your new time zone selection.)

Entering Flight and Duty Schedules

You'll enter your flight and duty schedules from the Currency/Schedules -> Operational Schedules screen. Enter an entire duty period as one record of type Duty Time. Then, enter any flight schedules "inside" the duty period.

For example:

Once you've entered your flight and duty times, you can view them in list form using the Operational Schedules screen, and in calendar form from the Operational Calendar and Schedules by Pilot screens.

Note: After you have completed a duty period, you can edit flight schedules inside the duty period, and click Create Flight Record. This will create an entry in your pilot logbook for the scheduled flight, using the actual flight time you enter on the schedule screen. This saves you from having to re-enter the flight details from the Add Flight screen.

Checking Rest Requirements and Flight Time Limits

Go to Currency/Schedules -> Flight/Duty Time Compliance. Select the appropriate regulatory chapter from the drop-down list, and click Calculate. Once you do this, the system will look at:

The system will test each duty period and flight schedule for compliance with regulations such as:

Once the calculations are complete, you will see a table for each relevant regulatory section, along with any messages regarding compliance warnings or violations. If you see a chapter listed with no messages, that means ZuluLog did not find any concerns with your schedules regarding that chapter.

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