Tracking components with separate Hobbs meters

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Some components, such as heaters, may have their own Hobbs meters, independent of the aircraft Hobbs meter. This section discusses how to track such components.


Because the component's Hobbs meter advances independently, you should create top-level entries for such components. For example, if your aircraft N12345 has a heater with its own Hobbs meter, you'll define the heater as its own Airframe, and under Aircraft ID you'll enter something like N12345 HTR. (Note: Keep in mind that airframe IDs must be 12 characters or fewer in length.)

You will define the heater's inspection/maintenance schedules as you normally would, keeping in mind that the heater's schedules are not tied to any schedules for the aircraft itself.


To enter the latest Hobbs meter reading for your component, you'll enter a maintenance record as usual. Following our example of N12345's heater, you'll enter the reading date in the Date field, N12345 HTR in the Aircraft ID field, then select Operation from the Category drop-down.

Leave the Schedules drop-downs blank (unless of course maintenance was actually performed on the heater). Then, enter the heater's latest Hobbs time in the Hobbs Time field. Leave the Engine Tach/Cycles field blank, unless the heater also has schedules that depend on cycles.

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