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If you're a company administrator, you can categorize your users into separate subgroups. For example, you can divide your users into the groups "Airplane Pilots", "Helicopter Pilots", and "Administrative". Or, you can create subgroups by location, such as "Nevada Pilots", "Colorado Pilots", and "NSW Pilots". You can then use these subgroups for filtering, currency calculations, and so on.

Assigning users to subgroups

Filtering on subgroups

Once you have created subgroups as described above, the subgroup names will appear on the Filter screen from the Flight Viewer. Specifically, when you pull down the "Records for User:" drop-down, the subgroup names will appear above the user names. You can filter by subgroup the same way you'd filter by user.

Viewing currency by subgroup

On the "Pilot Currency - Company Users" screen, any subgroups you've created will appear above the user names in the list of values for the "Selected user:" drop-down. You can select a subgroup to view currency for all users in the subgroup, rather than viewing currency for just one user, or for all users.

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