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In this example, we will create a very simple custom column, which will display Day Sim Inst time for each flight.

Creating the definition

  1. Go to the Custom Report Setup for Flight Viewer screen.
  2. Enter a name for this setup. Later, on the Flight Viewer, you'll be able to select this name from the drop-down list.
  3. For your Day Sim Inst column, select "[Custom Column]" under Column Contents. The label and expression fields will then appear.
  4. Under Custom Column Label, enter a name for this column. This will be displayed as the column header on the flight viewer.
  5. Under Custom Column Definition / Expression, enter the script below.
  6. Select any other columns you'd like to see on this view, and click "Save Setup".

How it works

Whatever you assign to the predefined variable col_value will be displayed in this column in the flight viewer. In this example, we've assigned the numeric value from the field "Day Sim Inst" to col_value. The scripting language used for custom columns is the same as that used for custom currency definitions.

Script for step #5:

col_value = getfieldnum("Day Sim Inst");

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