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In this example, we will create a very simple custom column, which will display Day Sim Inst time for each flight.

Creating the definition

1. Go to the Custom Report Setup for Flight Viewer screen.
2. Enter a name for this setup. Later, on the Flight Viewer, you'll be able to select this name from the drop-down list.
3. For your Day Sim Inst column, select "[Custom Column]" under Column Contents. The label and expression fields will then appear.
4. Under Custom Column Label, enter a name for this column. This will be displayed as the column header on the flight viewer.
5. Under Custom Column Definition / Expression, enter:
col_value = getfieldnum("Day Sim Inst");

6. Select any other columns you'd like to see on this view, and click "Save Setup".

How it works

Whatever you assign to the predefined variable col_value will be displayed in this column in the flight viewer. In this example, we've assigned the numeric value from the field "Day Sim Inst" to col_value.

The scripting language used for custom columns is the same as that used for custom currency definitions.

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