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With a paper logbook, you have to meticulously keep track of aircraft type times such as Complex, Multi-Engine, Rotorcraft, Turbine, and so on. With ZuluLog, all aircraft-related times are tracked for you automatically.

One advantage of using an advanced system like ZuluLog is that you no longer have to manually track parameters like Complex time, Rotorcraft time, etc. The system will track these for you, based on the Aircraft ID field.

All you have to do is to define the parameters once for each aircraft you fly on the Aircraft Definition screen, and ZuluLog will take care of totaling times related to those parameters.

Example: Tracking Multi-Engine and Complex Time

Let's say you routinely fly two aircraft. One is N514CG, a complex, twin-engine airplane. The other is N924LP, a fixed-gear, single engine trainer.

The first time you enter a flight for N514CG, the flight entry screen will display additional fields you can use to tell ZuluLog more about N514CG (assuming you're using the Advanced Flight Entry screen). Enter the details for N514CG, making sure to check the box for Complex, and enter 2 in the Number of Engines field. (Or, if you enter "PA44" in the ICAO code field, the number of engines will fill in automatically.) When you save the flight, ZuluLog will also automatically save an aircraft definition for N514CG.

Next, enter a flight for N924LP. In the aircraft fields that appear, leave the Complex box unchecked and enter 1 under Number of Engines. When you save the flight, a definition will be created automatically for N924LP.

(Note: You can also use the Aircraft Definition screen to create the aircraft definitions directly, without having to enter flights. This screen will allow you to enter many more parameters per aircraft.)

Now that these two aircraft are defined, ZuluLog will automatically track multi-engine time and complex time for every flight you enter for N514CG, and will automatically track single-engine time for every flight you enter for N924LP.

That's all there is to it! You will see the correct flight time totals for single-engine, multi-engine, and complex time in the "SE", "ME", and "Complex" columns in your Pilot Logbook flight listing.

Note: The order in which you enter these records does not matter. For example, you could enter several flights for N514CG before defining N514CG as a complex, multi-engine airplane, but once you do, your total times will still show up correctly.

You can use this same concept to track and total your flying time for virtually any aspect of the aircraft: aircraft category, engine type, aircraft certification, number of seats, and even the home base of the aircraft!

Advanced queries

Using the "Columns" button on the Pilot Logbook listing, you can easily view and total your flying times for all commonly used parameters. However, you can easily perform much more advanced queries as well, using filters on the pilot logbook view. For more details, see Using filters to see only the flights you want.

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