Entering flights in Departure/Arrival Mode

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If you're an airline or transport pilot, you can enter your departure and arrival times at each airport, and the system will calculate your total flight time. Additionally, if you enter your departure and arrival times in local time, the system can convert each time to Zulu time.

  1. Launch the Flight Entry screen (see help on this).
  2. Switch to Departure/Arrival mode by clicking the link above the entry panel.
  3. Enter your departure airport, departure date/time, arrival airport, and arrival date/time. You can enter the times in Zulu time, or in the local time zone for each airport.
  4. If you've entered your times in Zulu time: Click the "Calculate Total Flight Time" link.
  5. If you've entered your times in local time: Click the "Convert Local to Zulu" link. The system will convert your times to Zulu time based on the departure and arrival airports, and will also simultaneously calculate the total flight time.
  6. The "Total Flight Time" field has now been filled in. ZuluLog will put the entire time in the "Day" field, so you will need to manually adjust the Day/Night fields as required.
  7. Fill in the remaining flight details as usual.
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