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How do I change my password?

Once you're logged in, go to My Profile -> Password and follow the onscreen prompts.

I've forgotten my login name / password. How can I log in?

Click the "Lost Password" link on the homepage and follow the onscreen prompts.

How do I change my email address / phone number / contact information?

Once you're logged in, go to My Profile -> Contact Details and enter your updated information in the fields provided.

I'm a Platinum member. How can I enter my updated credit card number / expiration date?

Once you're logged in, go to My Profile -> Service Level and click "Edit Card Information".

Flight Entry

Should I use the Basic Flight Entry screen or the Advanced Flight Entry screen?

Use the Advanced Flight Entry screen. Trust us.

How do I enter a flight review, checkride, instrument proficiency check, or NVG proficiency check?

Go to the Flight Entry screen (Pilot Logbook -> Pilot Logbook -> Add Flight). Enter the flight portion of the flight review. From the "Flight review type" drop-down, select "Flight Review" or other selection as appropriate.

How do I enter flight review credit earned via the WINGS Pilot Proficiency program?

Go to the Flight Entry screen and enter a zero-time flight. Enter the effective flight review date in the "Flight Date/Time" field. Select "Flight Review" from the "Flight review type" drop-down. In the "Flight remarks" field enter the details of the WINGS phase completed.

Why are my flights for a certain date not showing up in chronological order?

When you enter multiple flights for a single day, make sure you enter both a date and a time. Otherwise, all flights on that date will be assumed to have a time of 0000Z and all will therefore have an equal date/time value.

How do I enter "partial" solo time?

For the few partial solo flights you'll have, split each into two flights. Check the "Solo" box for the solo portion, and leave it unchecked for the non-solo portion.

How do I enter Dual Received time?

From the Flight Entry screen, select "Student" from the "Crew Role" drop-down.

How do I enter Dual Given / As Instructor time?

From the Flight Entry screen, select "Instructor" from the "Crew Role" drop-down.

How do I enter a Dual Received flight where I also earned PIC time?

From the Flight Entry screen, select "Student" from the "Crew Role" drop-down, which indicates Dual Received time. Then, you can fill in the "Day PIC Time" and "Night PIC Time" boxes appropriately, for instruction received in aircraft in which you're already rated.

How do I enter my previous flight time totals?

If it's impractical for you to enter all your historical flights individually into ZuluLog, use the Previous Flight Times screen to summarize your previous activity. See Entering and Viewing Previous Flight Time Totals for more information.

How do I enter complex / turbine / rotorcraft / high performance / tailwheel / etc. time?

This is tracked for you automatically based on the aircraft ID of each flight. See Entering_Complex/Multi/Rotorcraft/etc._time for more information.

How can I enter specialized fields such as carrier landings, glider tows, suspects apprehended, etc?

You can create your own fields on the Flight Entry screen to track items that are not built into ZuluLog. Go to Pilot Logbook -> Custom Flight Fields to get started.

How do I enter VORs, NDBs, etc. along my route of flight?

ZuluLog has a database of thousands of navaids around the world. To enter navaids as part of your route, use an underscore followed by the navaid code. For example, use _VIS to represent the Visalia VOR/DME in California.

Flight Viewer

How can I rearrange the columns in the pilot logbook screen?

Go to Pilot Logbook -> Pilot Logbook Viewer Setups. You can create multiple setups, each with a different set of columns. (To use a previously created setup, click the "Columns" button above the main pilot logbook view in the flight viewer, and select the setup name from the drop-down.)

How can I sort my flights so that the oldest is at the top, instead of the newest?

From the pilot logbook view, click the "Flight Date/Time" column header to reverse the direction of the sort. You can use the same technique to sort by other columns as well.

How can I sort my flights by aircraft ID / pilot / mission type / etc?

Click on the column heading to sort your flights by that column. Click the same heading again to reverse the sort direction.

What is the "User ID" column for? Is ZuluLog a multi-user system?

Yes. If you work for a defense contractor, law enforcement agency, Part 135 airline, or corporate operator, you can track time for your entire team using ZuluLog Professional. Contact us for more information.

How can I display flight times in "1:30" format instead of "1.5" format?

Go to Pilot Logbook -> Flight Preferences -> Flight Viewer Preferences and select the appropriate setting for the flight viewer. (Note: When entering flights, you can use either "1:30" format or "1.5" format as desired without changing any settings.)


How can I upload scanned versions of my pilot certificate / medical certificate / etc for safekeeping?

Go to Currency/Schedules -> Document Management, then click the "Add Document" button and follow the onscreen prompts.

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