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You can use the Flight Viewer's powerful query filters to easily see only the flights you're interested in.

Once you've done a few simple queries, you'll be eager to total your time in all kinds of esoteric ways: for example, you can easily total your night IFR solo cross-country time in twin-engine, four-seater airplanes manufactured after 2004. Just think how long that would take you to total in a paper logbook!

  1. In the Flight Viewer, click the "Filter" button above your list of flights.
  2. Choose the date range of the flights you want to see. You can use the predefined date ranges, or click on the last choice to enter a custom date range.
  3. Select any other parameters you'd like to place on which flights you see. In the example shown, the pilot wants to see all of his VFR flights in a complex aircraft that departed from KMYF.
  4. If you've previously selected a filter and want to reset it, just select the choice labeled "Select a Field:" from the drop-down choice box.
  5. Click the "Use These Filters" button near the bottom of the screen to display the flights that match your chosen filters.


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