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Professional Record Keeping and SMS
Enter flights via Web or mobile app. Run custom reports for your specific mission stats. Track use of NVGs and equipment. Plus pilot currency, FRAT, maintenance, safety reporting, document management and much more.
Flight logs
Track flights and calls. Enter records from Web, iOS, or Android apps. Customize to keep track of your agency's specific stats. Automatic logging, mission approvals, and GPS tracks.
Pilot currency and training
Track FAA PIC, instrument and NVG currency as well as medicals and agency-specific currency. Get reminders on currency expiration and when recurrent training is due.
Flight risk assessment tool
Customize your risk parameters and risk levels. Automatic lookup of crew experience, duty, rest, and weather. Add attachments to FRAT records. Query and export past FRATs.
Safety and incident reporting
Track safety reports, incidents, and accident reports. Supports Part 5 anonymous reporting. Add notes and attachments. Customizable for your own parameters.
Document management
Keep track of operating procedures and other documents. Notify all users of new document versions. Track downloads and acknowledgments for uploaded documents.
Aircraft maintenance tracking
Track required maintenance, inspections, life-limited assemblies, inventory, expenses, discrepancies, and more. Integrates with flight logs for automatic update.
Powerful Web and mobile apps
Use the Web app or the ZuluLog mobile app with charts, plates, ADS-B weather and traffic, weight/balance, and more. Mobile app works with iPad, iPhone, and Android.
Specializing in public safety
ZuluLog is in use by law enforcement and public service agencies throughout the United States and Canada at the federal, regional, state, county, and municipal levels.
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