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Online Records For Your Aviation Unit
Public Safety · Law Enforcement · Air Ambulance
Track flight hours, missions, crew, currency, training, aircraft maintenance, and much more with our FAA-compliant service.
Professional aviation record keeping
Enter mission data via Web or mobile app. Run advanced reports and analysis for your specific mission parameters. Track use of specialized equipment. Plus pilot currency, FRAT, aircraft maintenance, electronic signoffs, and much more.
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Flight and mission logs
Track pilot and aircraft hours, mission types, mission statistics, approvals, UAS operations, and more. Fully customizable.
Pilot currency and training
Track FAA PIC, instrument and NVG currency as well as medicals and agency-specific currency. Get reminders on currency expiration or when recurrent training is due.
Aircraft maintenance tracking
Track required maintenance, inspections, life-limited assemblies, inventory, expenses, squawks, and more. Integrates with mission tracking module for easy update.
Specializing in public safety
ZuluLog is in use by public service and law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and Canada, at the federal, regional, state, county, and municipal levels.
Advanced reporting and analysis
Run reports by any combination of date range, mission type, aircraft, crewmember, outcome, activity, equipment usage, and much more. Easy export to PDF, Excel, and XML.
Powerful Web and mobile apps
Use the Web app or the ZuluLog mobile app with charts, plates, weight/balance, and much more. Mobile app works with iPad, iPhone, and Android.
Fits your budget
We offer discounts for public service and law enforcement agencies. Chances are, we have a service level to match your budget.
Private and secure
We do not share customer information with any third party. We meet or exceed FAA and industry encryption standards, and we back up your data nightly to multiple, secure locations.
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