Professional Aviation Record Keeping
Fast, reliable, and secure electronic records for FAR Part 91, FAR Part 135, law enforcement, defense, and public service agencies.
What We Do
ZuluLog replaces your old software system, spreadsheets, paper records, and reports. Our secure, cloud-based service makes it easy for your team to track flight hours, pilot logs, pilot currency and training, scheduling, flight/duty limits, aircraft maintenance, and more.
About Our Service
  • Competitive annual pricing based on number of users
  • Meets or exceeds FAA standards for electronic record keeping systems
  • Secure, cloud-based access, 24x7x365
  • SSAE-16 rated data centers with redundant architecture
  • Automatic backups to multiple, secure locations within the United States
  • Multiple levels of firewalls and data encryption
System Modules
Flight and mission logging
Pilot currency, training, and limits
Pilot and aircraft scheduling
Aircraft maintenance and inspection tracking
  • Customizable fields—track, report, and chart any information you need
  • Powerful tools to analyze times by mission type, aircraft, pilot, division, and more
  • Automatic time zone support for worldwide operations
  • Quick, offline entry in the field via dedicated iPad, iPhone, and Android apps
  • Advanced features such as mission approval, document management, automatic night calculations, daily lines, and more
  • Built-in, user-extensible database of airports, navaids, and procedures
  • Track use of specialized equipment, activities, and training for FLIR, Nightsun, NVG, hoist, HAZMAT, and more
  • FAA regulations are built in—FAR Part 61, FAR Part 91, FAR Part 117, FAR Part 121, FAR Part 135, and more
  • Support for Transport Canada, CASA Australia, South Africa CAA, and others
  • We can add your company's custom currencies, recurring training, and flight time limitations
  • Track all regulatory flight time limits, duty time limits, and required rest periods
  • Administrators can receive email alerts when any team member's currency is coming due
  • Configurable restrictions on pilot/aircraft scheduling based on user-specified currency adherence
  • Track scheduled aircraft, crew, flight times, duty times, and more
  • Automatic staff email and text notifications for new, modified, and deleted schedules
  • Work in local time, home base time, or UTC
  • Integrates with mobile calendar apps
  • Easy import of your existing weekly/monthly schedule spreadsheet
  • Set up your existing daily/weekly line schedules, per line or per leg
  • Multiple intuitive, color-coded schedule views and PDF exports
  • Configurable conflict detection avoids double-booking of resources
  • Integrated with pilot log entry for easy schedule conversion
  • Integrated with flight/rest/duty time compliance checking module
  • Intuitive explorer-style view of maintenance/inspection status
  • Track aircraft times, maintenance, inspections, expenses, ADs, bulletins, life limits, documents, and more
  • Multiple comprehensive and priority-based PDF reports
  • Automatic email alerts for items coming due
  • Track by Hobbs time, engine time, cycles, calendar times, RINs, and more
  • Automatic time updates and squawk creation from flight entry module
  • Attach documents to maintenance records
  • Easily move components between aircraft
  • Powerful data analysis tools
  • Customizable fields and reports
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