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Online Pilot Logbook | Professional Aviation Record Keeping™
Pilot Logbook - Quick Start
  • Use the Columns button to add or hide screen columns.
  • Use the Explorer button for total breakdowns by type, month, pilot, etc.
  • Use the Filter button for totals for a specific date range, type, etc.
  • Sort your records on-screen (and for export) by clicking on column headers.
  • Use the PDF and Excel icons at the top right to export or back up your data.
  • Use the Flight Preferences and General Preferences screens to customize records per page, time display, total time calculation, and more.
  • To edit an existing entry, tap the edit icon in the left-hand column.
  • Use the Previous Totals screen to summarize your previous time.
  • Show this help again with the upper-right ? icon or Contact us with any questions.
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