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Medical Reversion Choices
When you enter your medical certificate information in the Certificate Entry screen, select the reversion type that best applies to you:
  • Revert per FAA rules: Select this if you'd like your first-class medical to be treated as a second-class medical after the first-class expiration date, and as a third-class medical after the second-class expiration date, etc. In this case, you won't receive alerts upon expiry of a first- or second-class medical; your medical will instead be considered a valid medical of the next-lower class.
  • Expire instead of reverting: Select this if you'd like your medical to be considered "expired" after its expiry date, rather than reverting to the next-lower class. For example, if your operation requires a first-class medical, you may want to select this option.
  • Expire when reaching third class: Select this if you're ok with a first-class medical reverting to second-class, but you're not ok with a second-class medical reverting to third-class.
Important: If you're a company user, this selection will be made at the company level, and the drop-down field on the Certificate Entry screen will not be considered.
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