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ZuluScript: Advanced Currency Example 2
Example: 5 Hours in 15 Days, or 11 Hours in 30 Days, in H60
Initialization script:
	  var hrs15 = 0, hrs30 = 0;
Loop script:
	  var icao = getfieldstr("ICAO Code");
	  if (strequal(icao, "H60"))
	    var ft = getfieldnum("Day Flight Time") +
	      getfieldnum("Night Flight Time");
	    hrs30 = hrs30 + ft;
	    if (getdaysago() <= 15)
	       hrs15 = hrs15 + ft; 
	    if (hrs30 >= 11 || hrs15 >= 5)
	      currency_ok = 1;
How it works:
First, we get the ICAO code of the aircraft associated with the flight record; if it's "H60", we proceed with the rest of the logic. Next, we calculate the total flight time for the record and add it to hrs30. (We'll define the period for this currency definition as 30 days, so we know all records we see are within 30 days.)
Then, if getdaysago() returns 15 or less, we know the record is within the last 15 days, so we also add the flight time to hrs15.
Finally, we check to see if we've accumulated either 11 hours in hrs30, or 5 hours in hrs15. If either of these is true, our currency is valid.
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