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Getting your records signed
There are multiple ways for your instructors, examiners, and check pilots to sign your records in ZuluLog. Each of these methods can result in a valid digital signature:
  • If your instructor or examiner has a ZuluLog account, he/she can directly enter a signed flight record or endorsement into your account. Go to Profile → My Friends to grant permission to your instructors. These records are signed automatically.
  • In person: Use the Sign button from the ZuluLog app or website to display a signature pad. Your instructor can use his/her fingertip or stylus to sign your record digitally, and then enter name/certificate information in the first Passenger field.
  • Remotely: Enter your flight record on the Flight Entry screen. Click the Sign button at the bottom, then click the "Request email/text signature" link. Enter your instructor's information, then click Send Request to send a signature request via email or SMS.
    Hint: Save your CFI's contact information using the Add Friend icon in the Passengers/Crew section of the Flight Entry screen. Then, when you enter a flight, simply select your CFI as the first crewmember, and his/her information will automatically display in the Request Signature fields.
Keep in mind that once a flight record is digitally signed, any futher modifications to the record will erase the signature, and you will then have to re-request a digital signature from your CFI.
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