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Aircraft Maintenance - Independent Engine Times
  • Under the Airframe record, create an Engine record for each engine.
  • Under each engine, create a Total Time record for the engine's time as of your "starting" date.
  • From the Aircraft Logbook screen, create an Operation record for the same date and total time as your Total Time record for Engine #1 above.
  • Engine #1 is primary. On the Flight Entry and Maintenance Entry screens, always enter the times/cycles for Engine #1. The system assumes that all engines are cycled/timed together.
  • On the Aircraft Status screen, Engine #1 will show your latest times as entered. (This is the "Starting Time" + "Time Since Start.) Engine #2 and all other engines will show Engine #1's times as "Primary", and the actual engine times under Total Usage.
  • Whenever the engine times/cycles diverge because engines are operated independently, simply update the appropriate Total Time record for Engine #2 (or Engine #3, etc).
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