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Entering GPS coordinates and navaids
  • You can use the Custom Airports screen to define frequently-used points that are not official airports.
  • You can also enter GPS coordinates directly in the Route field on the Flight Entry screen:
  • Specify degree/minute coordinates in the format 4142N7703W for the point at 4142' N 7703' W.
  • Specify decimal coordinates in the format D393600N790234W for the point at 39.3600 N 79.0234 W. You must use exactly 4 decimals of precision.
  • Prefix navaids with an underscore in the Route field; for example, _SRQ will be interpreted as the SRQ VOR in Sarasota, FL.
  • GPS points, custom airports, and navaids in your Route will be displayed as expected on the map screens.
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