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Online Pilot Logbook | Professional Aviation Record Keeping™
Importing Flight Records
Importing your own records: If you're importing a CSV file or text file from your employer or your previous logbook software, you may not need to make any changes; ZuluLog supports all major logbook and schedule formats.
Use the Import Flights screen to import completed flight records, the Import Aircraft screen for aircraft, and the Import Schedules screen for scheduled flights.
Requesting an import: If you're importing a personal spreadsheet or other format, we'll be happy to do the import for you. Keep in mind:
  • We cannot import PDF, HTML, SQL, DB, or image files. All files must be exported to CSV format first.
  • Files must contain column headers in row 1, and one flight per row starting on row 2. Any "totals per page" rows should be deleted.
  • Each flight row must contain a complete date including the year.
  • Flight rows should not contain "block" totals; use the Previous Totals screen for that.
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