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Advanced Import Hints
You can ignore this article if you are importing a standard format from your employer or airline; these hints are applicable only if you are importing a custom format you've created yourself, or another format unrecognized by the system.
Column Headings
  • Refer to the "Field List" articles for standard column heading names.
  • If you want to ignore a column in your import file, prefix its name with !!
  • If you have columns for time in type, e.g. "C172", prefix their names with mdl_
  • If your remarks are spread over multiple columns, name them rmk1, rmk2, etc.
  • If your IAP totals are spread over multiple columns, name them iat1, iat2, etc.
Advanced Settings
You can create a column in your import file called IMPPROPS, and put one or more settings in the first flight row (i.e. row 2 of the file). Valid settings:
  • timefmt=minutes: Use this if your times are in minutes (e.g. 60) rather than hours (e.g. 1.0)
  • calcngt=1: If your file contains departure times but no "night" column, this will tell the system to calculate night flight time.
  • setcompany=1: For company administrators. Use this to import as "company" flights rather than personal.
  • picsicaccts=1: For company administrators. Contact us for more details.
To specify more than one parameter, separate by [N], for example "timefmt=minutes[N]calcngt=1". Remember, all options must be specified in the same cell on the first flight row.
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