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Online Pilot Logbook
Your logbook is your career!
Whether you're a student pilot or a 747 captain, ZuluLog is the best way to secure your records—guaranteed. Includes EFB app with georeferenced charts and plates, ADS-B wx/traffic, and more.
For your agency
Law Enforcement and
Public Service
Track mission stats, pilot currency and training, UAS ops, NVG use, aircraft maintenance, schedules and SMS items such as FRAT, safety reporting, and document management.
For your company
Professional Aviation
Defense, UAS, Corporate Flight
Track flight hours, pilot currency and training, pilot/aircraft schedules, duty limits, rest requirements, aircraft maintenance, documents, risk, and more. Powerful reporting and analysis.
Your complete aviation solution
Pilot logbook, currency alerts, flight/schedule import, maintenance, FRAT, safety reporting, scheduling, and more. Mobile app includes automatic logging, ADS-B weather and traffic, georeferenced charts and approach plates, weight and balance, and much more.
You're cleared for takeoff
Features you won't find anywhere else
Industry-leading security
Our data centers are privately owned and professionally audited every 12 months. We use 100% dedicated hardware—no shared or public cloud servers.
Guaranteed privacy
We do not display ads on our website or mobile app. We do not use cookies to track users. We do not sell or share customer information with any third party. Ever.
Distributed architecture
Your records are backed up to multiple, secure sites across the United States, so you can rest assured that you're covered even in the event of a natural disaster.
Independently owned
ZuluLog is an independent company, owned and operated by pilots like you. Since our founding in 2006, our only mission has been to keep your records secure.
Developed and hosted in the U.S.
Our software is written, deployed, and supported in the United States. We follow industry security standards and FAA standards for electronic information systems.
Web and mobile apps
Our Web app works on any desktop or mobile browser. The ZuluLog mobile app has logbook and EFB features and works with all your devices—iPad, iPhone, and Android.
Phone support from FAA pilots
Only ZuluLog includes phone support at no extra cost. Need specific totals or just want interview advice? Get help from an FAA-certificated pilot right away.
Competitive pricing
Our mission is to provide you rock-solid record keeping at a fair price. For just a few dollars a month, you can enjoy the security and features of our Web and mobile apps.
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