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Flight Entry - More Help
  • Only the Date, Aircraft ID, Route, and Flight Time fields are required.
  • Enter flight times in the format 1.5, 1.50, or 1:30. Any of these work.
  • The Route field supports ICAO, IATA, and FAA codes, GPS coordinates, and navaids.
  • Use the Flight Preferences screen to customize flight entry and viewing.
  • To enter a successful flight review, IPC, etc, use the Check drop-down.
  • For WINGS flight review completion, enter the effective date as above.
  • To calculate night flight time, enter your departure date/time, route, and flight time, then click Calculate Night.
  • For chronological sorting, enter flights with both a date and time in the Date field.
  • You can enter flights in any chronological order.
  • ZuluLog will recognize GPS tracks uploaded in the Attachments section. View after saving from the map icon or Show Distance button.
  • Search aircraft by entering e.g. "C172//" or "TURBINE//" in the Aircraft ID field. See all search terms.
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